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Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Have Become an Unruly Humbug

I have officially become a humbug. A humbug as in 'bah humbug!'

A humbug is a liberated quilter who seeks to use her free piecing abilities in the creation of bahs, humbugs, and !'s.

As Tonya proclaimed in her blog "The Unruly Quilter" today, she needs free pieced letter blocks with the words "Bah Humbug!" that we will contribute to....as a group challenge quilt. She even made us this special UnRuly Quilting blog, just for us humbuggers, and I signed up.

I thought, well maybe I could make a bah, or perhaps a humbug....but then she wrote...

"You can make the font fabulous and intricate, or simple and straightforward.One option: incorporate insect fabric into the letters. I can easily see a bug peering out of the middle of the letter a or the point on the exclamation point....Challenge yourself. You can make the words buggy. What would a "bug" font look like? Would it be made of antennae and creepy legs, maybe a wing or two? ......Have you seen the alphabets done using people forming each letter? you know, they hold up their arms up and out a bit and you have a Y. What would it look like with humbugs forming the letters? Can you piece the word HUM so that it looks like a bug?"

I knew then that I was in trouble. Deep, deep, bah humbug! kind of trouble.

Piece letters that look like bugs playing YMCA across a quilt block?
I don't think so!

Piece words into blocks that are less than banner sized and you can see still see them clearly?
I don't think so!

Piece bah, piece humbug, piece the...
oh heck.

I made the !

I know, even Willow thinks it is shooting out fireworks. And if I it doesn't play nicely with bah or humbug, I can use it for a sparkler.

In fact, if I turn it upside down, I can use in a ceremony and sing 'light a little candle.'

Yep, its got a bit of a jolly .and a hint of the holly. and it's expressive, and it keeps Willow happy.

Bah Humbug? I'll just settle for putting the ! into my season for now.

Thanks for letting me into the secret Bah Humbug! Society, Tonya.
I guess I'm a bigger Scrooge than I thought!

grumble, mumble, bumble, fumble, grumble...

This is my assistant...signal flagging for help....

Ok humbuggers!
I've set the bar..it's nowhere but up from here!

I'll be really, really liberated and try a #$% next ;)


sandra said...

You are hilarious LOL!

Cheryl Willis said...

you must be an overachiever b/c I haven't even made an "!".
where did the pup go to school to learn flags?

Ann Champion said...

I love your ! :)

Clare said...

OMG That Mad Woman is on the loose again!

Michele Bilyeu said...

I'm so sorry Clare. Somebody left the door open and let the cat out. I told you I can't be trusted to be home alone! I have way too much fun;)

Clare said...

If you venture out just make sure youo haven't got your PJ's on!