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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gettin' Wordy!!

Hi everyone...I am soo excited to be a part of this group and love, love seeing all the cool letters! I am working on my first letters/words and am having fun.  My friend is turning 40 soon so I am ambitiously making a lap size quilt for her milestone B-day (I am a crazy woman to think I can even get it done but it's what I do and who I am!).

I have choosen to use a white background with bright letters. I enjoy the contrast of bright colors against white, it feels very crisp and fun. I have a few words done...I think I will add one more, "Laugh" in orange. My plan is to also add some wonky stars like Victoria made on her site Bumble Beans and  two house blocks resembling our homes. The interesting thing is my house is purple with white trim and my friends house is white with purple trim so I'm going to make them with the opposite fabrics...hope it works out! 

I'd love some feedback on my letters....do my R's look too funny? The capital R is a little short and the lowercase one in Grow seems too small. Not sure if I should re-do them or not. Also, if anyone has thoughts on a cool layout I would love that too! My inital thinking is wonky starts going across the top, words in the middle(but how?) and houses at the bottom. I have a fabulous bird fabric I bought to use on it too....I may not want to give this quilt up! Ok...I'll just have to make another one for me!!

Happy sewing and thanks for sharing all of your fabulous projects!

Sorry, the wrinkly sheet doesn't really help!
R too short ?

Little r in Grow...too little?
I made the L long so I could cut it down if needed.


deborah said...

I like your letters! This will be a fabulous quilt for your friend!
I would have to play around with the layout, maybe center each word and put the stars or houses either between the words or between them?

deborah said...

shoo..on each side of the word or between the words...gosh, I can't type or think this evening:)

Amy said...

what nice letters!!I love the colors you used. dont be so hard on your letters. keep up the good work,Amy

Carol E. said...

Remember, this is a place with NO rules. Just enjoy making your letters and love them for their wonkiness. I do.

Ann Champion said...

I think your letters look great! You're going to have a wonderful quilt. :)

Tonya Ricucci said...

Hi, Birdie, so happy to have you join us. Your R is just the right size, no need to remake and the little r's are good too. I'm no help with the design at this point - that will be easier after you have the letters sewn together and some stars made too, so that you can lay them down together and rearrange and try options for us to look at.

Birdie said...

Thanks everyone!