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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Liberated 9-Patch

It's finished and registrated. Now I have to wait for the number and then I will send it in May.
I removed the stitching in the small nine-patches and replaced it with new stitching with  embroidery floss. Then I added the circles in the purple patches , now I think it's way better. Thank you for your suggestions !

Making small quilts is fun, this won't be the last one :-)

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Sometimes I feel like I lead a double life ... I started out making very traditional quilts with very matched points and corners.  Sometimes I still do that, when necessary!

This small quilt 12" x 30" was made in response to a guild challenge "I am ____".  Well, I don't know what 2011 was like for the rest of you, but we had a series of disasters including hurricane damage, home break-ins and more.  It was pretty easy to decide that I was feeling SHATTERED.  I've enjoyed making Tonya's crooked letters ever since I found them on Bonnie Hunter's blog and of course I am now the proud owner of my own copy of Word Play Quilts!  (Before you worry too much about my mental health, also understand that I am a HUGE Stones fan.)

The real fun began when I quilted this piece.  I had already decided to try some sort of free form quilting when I ran across additional information and inspiration on a blog called iHanna.  No hoop, no marking, no pattern;  I had a grand time and will quilt more like this in the future.  I used both pearl cotton and DMC floss to get all the colors I wanted.

Does it need more stitching ?

So this is it, my very big quilt  ;-)   Ready to be bound  or maybe... should I add more stitching ?
This one will be donated to the AAQI.