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Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Amish To Please

Yay for The Liberated Amish Get Together 2012!!

I don't know how Tonya could propose such a fun challenge and expect me to wait until February. I thought I'd fill in time by searching through my scrap bins...I wasn't sure I'd find much to suit but I pulled out a good amount of what I perceive to be Amish colours.

And some darks!!

I flipped through many a book and found my inspiration quilt in one of my favourites- The Quilt Engagement Treasury by Cyril I Nelson and Carter Houck. This quilt, made in the 1890's, is not your typical Amish quilt but that big star called out to me!

so I drew up a plan...
I had my scraps ready to go, my plan all drawn out... of course I had to start sewing!!! and this is where I'm at now.

It's roughly 50 inches square, I've got a space on my walls where I'm planning to hang it. I'm thinking of putting RD ( for Rachaeldaisy) 2012 along the bottom. or Happy Star! I'll see how I feel when I get there. That's the wonky way.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Liberated Amish 2012

Tonya here. Okay, let's do it: Liberated Amish 2012. Take an inspirational Amish quilt and liberate it.
Some of us did this once before (with a few more rules), so you can take a look at the great quilts posted in the original blog and Flickr pool

For this year's challenge, we will:

1. Each pick an Amish quilt to be our starting point. (or you can mash a couple together...). You can pick one from the Faith and Stephen Brown collection if you want to (in other words, that's optional this time).
2. Make the quilt liberated. You can do that ala Gwen Marston or Gee's Bend or... But the goal is not to have a duplicate of the original with slight changes (like using printed fabric instead of solids). Go for wonky, unruly, playful etc. And don't give me a heart attack by trying to match things up and keep all the points pointy....

The goal is to complete the top by the end of June. It can be any size you want. The official start date is February, but I've already begun mine!

 I'll tell you more about it in another blog post...
Any questions? Just ask.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A more or less unruly top

When I discovered the quilting world in the www I ran over a newsgroup called R.C.T.Q and spent several years there :-)  Once a year Jessamy of the Netherlands hosted  a star swap. You had to send six 6,5" blocks with blue background and yellow star pattern. I participated 3 or 4 years, pieced a lot of additional stars and ended with a top that I think is too small. So I pondered about a big spikey border or about more stars until finally this idea was born:

Maybe you can guess the name I've chosen for this coming quilt ;-)

The sashing strips and yellow corner squares are all from stash and I didn't care a lot about matching points there. So this and the letters are the unruly part, most of the stars don't fit in this category,  but a few can count as unruly as well :-) For the border I hope to use up my blue and black fabrics in my stash. Gotta make some place for new stuff ! Oh, and I know, the g is missing ...


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Two Small Quilts

Recently I made two small quilts. Both are about 8" x 14". Here they are:

"Joy" is a donation for my guild's small quilt auction coming up next month.

"Welcome Home" is just something I was playing with. Those are keys hanging down from the bottom end of the quilt. The red-orange flower is only attached at its center, so it's kind of a 3-D thing.