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Sunday, February 26, 2012

On to the Next Round

Thanks for the advice re the border. As you can see I decided to go for red.

The 9 patches on the left are hand dyes given to me by a quilting friend. Unfortunately there were only 6. The block top right is made up of tiny, tiny squares I received in a swap.

I'm thinking of using the hand dyes for the next border, as per the photo, and adding some more red on the right.

I'll then switch over for the next round with the tiny squares on the right and more red on the left, but I may  not get that far!

I know it's not at all similar to the original quilt design, but this seems to be gaining some sort of momentum and I like the way its going.

Amish Strings - the flimsy

The flimsy measures 60" x 72" . . .

I'm so happy with the rows of liberated (UnRuly) HSTs!

Thanks, Tonya for the challenge!

* * *

You can see more photos of the flimsy on my blog.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Centre Block Done

I'm in a bit of a quandary about the border though. Not too sure which colours to use. Black would make the dark purples on the edge disappear, as would a dark blue. I was thinking perhaps yellow, but there is too much of that in the block and red would make the red top left disappear too.

Any ideas?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Amish String Quilt - An Update

I've been stitching pink strings . . .

And I've been stitching purple strings . . . 

The goal?

Ten 20-inch-long strata for my liberated Amish strings quilt.
(click here to see my 'inspiration' post)

The pinks/purples form the first of two color groups ~
the alternate set (greens and golds) will be ready for photos soon.

Here you can see where I used some of those liberated HSTs.

I love the dynamic use of triangles in so many of the Amish quilts ~
hence a liberated arrangement of HSTs as the center rows in my strata.

* * *

Come on over to my main blog to see how these look trimmed into blocks!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

A long overdue finish from two or three challenges ago

Advice from Home, 56 by 60 inches
free-pieced letters and houses
machine quilted

Some of you may remember this quilt made for Tonya's earlier class blog.
I finished the top back then
but had trouble getting the quilting finished.
Now it's officially done and gifted
and I thought I would share it with you here,
even though it's not Amish.
It is wonky, though.

Some quilts just need a little breathing space
and growing room.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Which colour ?

In real I like the red one best, when I look at the photos I prefer the green background .

Decision time

I borrowed a lovely hard copy of "Amish Abstractions" from the library and I have been pouring over the pages. Now is decision time - which of these do I use for my inspiration?

I think I will have to dig thru my fabric and see which one will work with my hand dyes I have on hand.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Time To Begin . . .

Photo courtesy of Google Images

For many years, 
we lived in Elkhart, Indiana,
near the Amish communities of 
Shipshewana, Middlebury, and Nappanee.

Driving from point A to point B almost always involved
passing by neatly tended Amish farms 
and/or Amish families walking or traveling in their buggies.

Photo courtesy of Google Images
While most people think of darker-colored adult Amish clothing,
we were accustomed to the brighter colors 
many Amish children wore.

Those are the colors I went looking for in my stash.

These are the fabrics that I have pulled.

I spent hours (and hours!) trying to decide 
which quilt I wanted to single out as my inspiration.

You can't see all the sticky notes ~ I cropped off that edge.
(there are a LOT of them)

In the end, I have settled on this quilt.

* * *

I am also participating in Brenda's String Thing Along,
and my liberated version of the Roman Stripe quilt above
will absolutely feature LOTS of strings.

I'll be posting here and there as well as on my own blog.
(linking back and forth as best I can)

* * *

Thanks, Tonya for this challenge!!

I am SO ready to begin!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Joining the Lib Am Challenge!

I'm dreadful at posting, but I am brimming over with ideas for this Challenge as I adore Amish Abstractions. Hardly a week goes passed without me looking at the book and drooling over the quilts.

I'm currently gathering ideas for another Lib Amish Quilt.

This is my first one which I'm still hand quilting

S is for Stripes or Strings
which is based on Roman Stripes.

For my second quilt, I'm hoping to do this one.

I'm thinking a combination of strings and blocks. I have some lovely orphans and have just received some tiny tiny solid squares - I'm talking 1" maximum!

I'll be back soon when I've got the centre done.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Here is a UFO, that has been hanging around for a while. My goal is to finish it and make a duplicate in loud, bright, more abstract fabrics; maybe on the back side. "Reverseeble", inside family joke on things being reversible.

Oh My Stars!!

Here's where I'm up to with my Liberated Amish quilt....

It's pretty busy for an Amish quilt, so I might have to ponder more about the Amish challenge and see if I can come up with another quilt. But as scrappy liberated star quilts go I'm really happy with it.
At the moment it's 50 x 60 inches. I'm not sure whether I'll add borders or just leave it as is. I don't want to go too much wider because I've got a wall space for it. Maybe a border along one side and the bottom? I did wonder about piecing the year along the bottom or the words "Happy Star". I'll let it stew a while longer on my design wall and see how it goes.

Happy UnRuly Quilting to everyone!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

I am going to join the fun!

I can't wait to start plannning on my Amish Gee's Bendie Unruly quilt! Here is a Gee's Bend style baby quilt I just finished. Now I need to think more Amish!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Playing in the snow

thanks Tonya for challenging us again :-)

Though I have far too many UFO's and WIP's and whatever you want to call them, I want to play along.
But I've decided to work small this time, maybe I can stay within the limits of an AAI-Quilt. We'll see.

Here's my inspiration quilt:  http://www.pbase.com/brownsf/image/85043435
and another one from the last challenge: http://lazygallibamish2010.blogspot.com/2011/12/finished.html

So maybe I will just make one double nine patch and here's a small start: