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Friday, February 17, 2012

A long overdue finish from two or three challenges ago

Advice from Home, 56 by 60 inches
free-pieced letters and houses
machine quilted

Some of you may remember this quilt made for Tonya's earlier class blog.
I finished the top back then
but had trouble getting the quilting finished.
Now it's officially done and gifted
and I thought I would share it with you here,
even though it's not Amish.
It is wonky, though.

Some quilts just need a little breathing space
and growing room.


Quiltdivajulie said...

I LOVE IT ... LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! So much to investigate and appreciate!

Brenda said...


Tonya Ricucci said...

woohoo!!!! fabulous! I have to admit, I'd forgotten this one. Anything UnRuly and liberated can go in this blog, not just the most current challenge. Thanks for posting!

Jennifer D said...

Stunning!!! I love it...I can't stop looking at it, reading the story.

Clare said...

I was wondering what happened to it. I think it's great. Congratulations.

Judy in Michigan said...

Well done - It has everything wonky and wonderful in it!! Love it. Kudos.

Roslyn said...

Marvellous but oh so much work Cheryl!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Your little Villiage is wonderful!!! I'm sitting here looking at all the little houses, and fabulous words. What a fun quilt!!