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Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm a believer now......

Tonya is making a quilt using 1 1/2 strips. Lots of strips, using old and sometimes ugly fabric. I saw it and thought NO WAY. If I did that it would be ugly. She encouraged me to try it.

I have enough old fabric, and even ugly fabric that I thought I would never use.
I also had a bunch of small triangles, cut off corners, that could make flying geese. They are small, and I just about tossed them.
I thought about the 1 1/2 strips, I thought about the geese and wondered, what if I combined them?

I liked it.
I liked it alot!
I even started to love it.
It became addicting. I made even more blocks......

In theory the rows should be 12 1/2 inches tall when sewn, they aren't. They are closer to 12 inches....easy to trim using my 12 inch ruler.
I am now a believer, you can mix old, new and even ugly fabrics to create a one of a kind quilt!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A finish and introduction.

I've never made a post!  My name is Manda, and I love Tonya's book. I also host a "Word Play" bee over on Flickr. I just finished an I Spy quilt and wanted to share!  I had originally planned to piece the words in the front of the quilt like in the airplane quilt in the book, but once I got them finished, this idea came to me for the backing.  This is an "action" photo. My kids wanted to snuggle under it ;)

Ada's I Spy- back