A group blog for working on UnRuly Quilting projects and most especially UnRuly Letters. What is UnRuly? Liberated, wonky, improvisational, mis-matched, points cut off FUN.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Definitely Getting Unruly Around Here !

On behalf of all of us who come here and read with every single new post, but don't speak up or post ourselves very often ;) I would just like to say that I truly enjoy all of your posts and your gorgeous photos!

I just finished making lots of little unruly Flying Geese and had so much fun winging it with only some random scraps and a pair of scissors. No paper piecing or sketches or rotary cutters were used.....whatsoever...in the making of my fun.

As as Gwen Marston calls them...I only used 'floor scraps.' Random leftovers, tossed into a bag after all of my other sewing on projects are done. And to be able to pick up raggedy little, mishaped pieced and sew them in without any thought or worry about precision is such a joy!

My bits and pieces are going into a little quilt donation for our AAQI Liberated Challenge which we originally started on another one of Tonya's blogs..Liberated Quilting Blog ..which Clare Worthy had set up for her. I (Michele Bilyeu) took over the challenge part and it is still running strong..so please join in with your own unruly donations at any time at and join in our wonderful and varied quilting fun and our AAQI Liberated Challenge

Meanwhile, I'm getting back to those floor scraps and more wonky liberation and unruly quilting time!

For those who asked ;)
(Full tutorial with more photos is on my own blog)

Monday, June 20, 2011

another "baby name" quilt

 I enjoy making these baby quilts with their names on them. This also has some free-pieced flowers and butterflies....
....and hearts on the back.
There are two rows of hearts.
On to my next letter project.

This isn't a baby quilt, quite the opposite. I am not sure yet how things will go together. I want to add some more things. I am off to play.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Book...Must have...

I just saw this book somewhere else on the net, and I think I need it!

I think we ALL will need it!

You're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but when it looks like that? Oh YEAH!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Two Finishes

I know I've shown one of these before, but I wanted you to see it bound.

So here we go.

Finish No 1 - Family Trees.

Finish No. 2 - Cutie Bug made for my 10 month old  niece.

I haven't got any UnRuly or Word Play quilts in  the pipeline, except for my house.  So I'll be a bit quiet  for a while.

Take care.