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Sunday, September 2, 2012

introducing myself

hello, my name is Cher and I have been a liberated quilter for many years...I took a long break from blogging and quilting but I am now back full steam and was happy to be able to join this group.  I am finishing up a baby quilt for my grandson, Max and by this time tomorrow I should have photos on my blog to share.
The link to my blog is marathonquilter.  

Please Send Me a Verb

I hope it's OK to beg for blocks... this month I'm turning 60 (eek!) and in celebration I decided to aim for making a big quilt of words -- verbs, to be exact. If you want to, would you be willing to send me a verb? I want them, like these examples, done in brights on black OR black on brights. Both ways would be fine and dandy. I have come up with a list of verbs that I would like on my quilt. You could pick one off my list and make it and send it to me.... IF YOU WANT TO. You could make up a verb of your own, too, if you think of a good, positive one. It could be any size. I plan to keep working away on words and hope to have this quilt done in time for my 61st birthday, but if it can be done more quickly, hey! Bonus!
Adore, Befriend, Care, Cherish, Create, Design, Discover, Draw, Dream, Eat, Engage, Explore, Feel, Find, Give, Hug, Joke, Jump, Kiss, Knit, Laugh, Listen, Look, Love, Nurture, Observe, Play, Ponder, Quilt, Read, See, Sew, Share, Sing, Sleep, Smile, Talk, Think, Travel, Walk, Worship, Write I'm picturing some of these made with their own fabrics, like Eat could be made using food fabrics. If I get duplicates, that's no problem. For example, you just can't say "read" too many times. If you want to play along and share a block with me, cool. If not, that's cool, too. I plan to have fun making verbs this year... a good way to celebrate turning 60.