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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Colours of Life

I made this for the Liberated Round Robin Challenge, but didn't finish it as the last round was curves and it was getting too big to do squiggles.

As it was my Mother's 80th birthday party last week and I was going back to the UK for it, I needed something to give her.

She's been on at me for ages to make her a lap quilt to keep her knees warm so I pulled this out, took a deep breath and machine quilted it. Just straight lines, using 1" masking tape as a guide. Not bad for a first attempt!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Illuminated letters?

I'm making this for a friend who just got a mid-life academic appointment.
To celebrate his new career as a professor of theology,
I'm making him a small word quilt for his office.
He picked the Latin quote: fides quaerens intellectum,
which means faith seeking understanding.
All the letters are made from word fabric, and the letters are about 4.5 inches high.
I wasn't happy with how much empty space there was in the top row,
so I experimented a bit with a filler.

The large f was originally a cross, but I decided to make it the first letter of the quote,
and invoke a sense of medieval manuscripts with illuminated letters.
I'm going to embroider around the light brown f in black and gold,
to embellish it a bit, as well as making the letter pop a bit more.
It was fun to be working with letters again.
It's been awhile for me.

Christmas Words

Since the Christmas quilt I made last year had an unfortunate laundry accident--red flannel backing doing a massive bleed despite being prewashed multiple times, I've been working on a new one. The center medallion was completed about a month ago and now I've been laboring on the border.

Here are the four border sides just waiting for corner pieces. I thought I would share them now since they are certainly easier to photograph on the design wall. I won't tell you what a challenge this was to get them to the size I needed. I am definitely math challenged. No matter how many times I measured and added they still came out too long or too short the first time around. And yes, I still need to trim down that bottom row. It went from being 3" too short to 1/2" too big!

Here's a rather poorly lit pic of the center medallion.

Now the challenge is to get it completed without getting sidetracked which tends to happen more often than not. Those Lego quilts keep calling to me.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Every year I make an ornament for my son, each niece and nephew and some other special children in my life.

This is just the first batch! I'm using Tonya's Word Play Quilts book as inspiration for this year's ornaments.