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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A finish and introduction.

I've never made a post!  My name is Manda, and I love Tonya's book. I also host a "Word Play" bee over on Flickr. I just finished an I Spy quilt and wanted to share!  I had originally planned to piece the words in the front of the quilt like in the airplane quilt in the book, but once I got them finished, this idea came to me for the backing.  This is an "action" photo. My kids wanted to snuggle under it ;)

Ada's I Spy- back


Darling Millie said...

Yeah, once you get started with words, you don't want them on the BACK! You want them on the FRONT!
Great action shot! Great quilt!

KQ Sue said...

3 cuties! 1 quilt and 2 babies! Oops, 4 - dolly is trying to hide!
I love making Tonya's letters, they are like chips and M&Ms - can't stop at one!

Manda said...

KQ Sue- Fancy Nancy must be camera shy.

Millie, I like to make my backings as wonderful as the fronts. I do have some great ideas for word quilts that would be just word quilts. Pinterest has really inspired me.

Clare said...

Lynne's right. Put them on the Front!

Great capture.

Kim said...

Fantastic.....glad you shared your picture and welcome to posting here :0)....I have a little redheaded granddaughter and my eyes just light up at the site of another adorable little redheaded girl :0).
Nice quilt, beautiful girls, they'll sure have fun with one :0).

Happy Sewing

Tonya Ricucci said...

love it. what a fun, wonderful quilt. all the bee action is great too! congrats.

joe tulips said...

Is this ever sweet! the action shot makes it even better!