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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Woohoo! Lotto Style It Is

Tonya again. Wheeee, since the first three commenters all want to do this Lotto style, we're gonna do it!  I'm thrilled that some of ya'all are enthusiastic too. Isn't it the great thing about the internet? Finding other goofy quilters to play with?

Okay. Size of blocks. You know I hate to put too may rules into place, such as size restrictions. If you have a fabulous idea for a really complex apartment building, I want you to play and explore and work on it. Plus, if you're using a novelty fabric you might need to fussy cut big to get whatever image you need.

Don't worry that your house is going to be too small. I happen to like small.

If you're worried about going too big, then cut 1.5" strips as the maximum width for the house fabric itself. If you need something wider than that for some reason, then go for it. Also, cut something narrow, like 7/8' or 1". Don't just use one width for the whole thing. 

That will get you a smaller house. Too small for you? Then make it bigger.

If the fabric demands that you cut fabric wide, then do it and use that in one part of the house. And then compensate with narrow elsewhere.

I've found that it helps to either sketch an idea out first OR pick a house that someone else has made and then model yours after it. (Okay, door in the middle and I love how the two windows are up on the next level and look like eyes.) Take that as your starting point and run with it. Don't copy it exactly, just let it give you an idea of how to start.

We're going letter-free for this one, except for letters already printed on fabric. AKA, no UnRuly Letters. If you win blocks, you can add whatever you want.

You're not limited to houses. Cinemas, diners.... all fair game. It's a town. I'd prefer to not have any embroidery added, but email me if you have something in mind.

Can you make a block(s) and not participate in the Lotto part of this challenge? Most certainly. That's just more blocks for the rest of us.

If you make a block, is there any guarantee that it will go in Tonya's quilt specifically? No. I'll be mixing these things up and trying to get all the winners a fun quilt.

What else. Don't be discouraged if your first house is boring. That always happens to me. It's not until the 4th house that they really start getting wonky.
You don't have to decide now if you want a chance at winning the lottery. You can wait and see how fantastic all the blocks look and realize, holy cow, how could I not want this.

I think that to have a chance at the lottery you have to submit two blocks, not just one. Does that seem fair?

I'd love to have everyone post their blocks in progress, their finished blocks etc here on this blog. Include what size your block is. 

Let me know if you want/need to be added to the blog. But it's not mandatory. You can keep your block(s) secret until the big reveal.

Any other questions?


Katie said...

Two blocks sounds just fine. And I'll need to be added to the blog. :-)

deborah said...

I've been roaming the internet looking for interesting fabrics..and I think I've found a few that will be just right. Can we make trees too? I know, questions, questions!

Jennifer D said...

Yes two seems very fair.

rondiquilts said...

Count me in! I love houses and have something in mind already. I will try and have at least 2. If not that is ok. I don't have to be in the lotto. I just may not have time to do more than one block. I am still a no blogger. Love this idea.
Rondi Leslie

Sharon said...

Count me in too! This sounds like fun! I like the Lotto idea, and I think 2 blocks sounds fair also.

Sorry I can't think of anything more clever to say ... I'm on my way to bed and I'm tired. I'll try to be witty tomorrow, okay?

Kim said...

2 is good....so if we send 4 houses we have two chance to win?

Okay you know I'm always working my angles :0).

Happy sewing, I'm off to NYC to see the red and white show and hopefully to the show at FIT too.
we'll see how DH holds up :0).

Tonya Ricucci said...

2 houses = 1 chance to win. 3 houses = 2 chances to win. 4 houses would give you 3 chances to win. etc. I know the block lotto cuts you off at 9.anyone thinking about going that wild?

PurplePickle said...

Hi Ton,
I was thinking if this is a wall hanging, I could put tiny buttons on the blocks,(for eyes, maybe). Then I thought I should ask first...this is me asking. Can I put tiny button eyes on my creatures?

Magpie Sue said...

Okay, I want to play too. May 5 you say? Two blocks... wonky houses, Christmas & Halloween, any size (within reason). Do I have all the particulars straight?