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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hallowistmas Border Town

Okay guys, Bah Humbug is just about done. Ya'all have sent me some seriously wonderful contributions. If you've still got 'em out there, blocks are due April 1st. And then I'll put them all together that day. ha ha ha ha ha.

So this blog has been way too dull. Not enough UnRuly projects going on, so I figured I'd start one. I'm such an instigator. I'm thinking of trying something different with this project and see how you all feel about it.

Okay, first off, what it is. I want to work on a collaborative project about a town that's a little bit Christmas, a little bit Halloween. Cuz you have Christmastown over there and Halloweentown here and as they expand, as towns do, you get that area where it all mixes together. (And yeah, there should be a Thanksgivingtown in the middle there, but I think they've been overrun.)

I would love, for those who are interested, if you would make house blocks for me. What would you get? A witch that's moved into the candy cane house? The elves who can't get all those black cats off their roof? Think whacky.

UnRuly, Liberated, Wonky House tutorial here (then click Wonkytown for the pdf file).

Oh and it doesn't just have to be houses. Halloween Trees, Snowman Monster, Jack o' Lantern in Santa hat...

I'm thinking lots of novelty prints, but if you don't have 'em you can still play. Bright happy colors where possible, as compared to those kinda gold autumnal fall prints...

Houses don't have to be evenly split Halloween and Christmas. There can be only one thing slightly off about the house - makes it more interesting that way.

Do I actually have to state that whatever you make HAS to be free-pieced only. Seriously.

So that's the idea. I don't know how many of you, if any, are interested in playing. Now. Here's the thing. You knooow I love doing these group quilts. I do. But I feel the teensiest bit guilty that I'm the only one who ever gets the quilt. So what I'm wondering is if ya'all would want to do this Block Lotto style?

Block Lotto is a fun group where folks make blocks and for every block they contribute, they get a chance to win the blocks. There are some restrictions, but that's the quick summary.

So would anyone else even want to make a Hallowistmas Town quilt?

If we were to do this, I'm thinking everyone would just make blocks that aren't identical. Although if you want, you could certainly make two houses with the same fabrics and idea, trying different ways of executing them.

Part of what I like about this idea is that it would give me a chance to make a smaller quilt (Bah Humbug, which I love, is gonna be huuuuge). I'd like this to be a wallhanging I could hand quilt, adding all the fun stuff I love to add that way.

So I'd get the blocks and divvy them up. Not sure how many winners there would be, besides me that is. One or two? depends on how many want to do this and how many of you would like to make blocks for it, but aren't interested in making this kind of quilt yourself. Oh, and I will be making blocks for this one too. You don't think I could leave this one alone do you?

In the Block Lotto you can make a bunch of blocks without wanting to get any back. (they actually donate chances to win to newbies, but since this is the first time we're thinking about doing this, that doesn't work.)

Winners would be free to put the blocks together however they'd like. Wallhanging, King-Sized bed quilt... So you can add more blocks or more fabric, as desired.

Let me know what you think. How about a six week deadline? Ooh May 5th - Cinco de Mayo. Perfect. That would be when the blocks have to be sent to me.

What do you think? Game to play? Does anyone want to make one of these quilts themselves. Or is that just me... Feedback please.

I am now going to sidetrack into teacher mode.

Keep contrast in mind! That is now the one thing I harp on because I used to be sooo very bad at that. So now I overcompensate. For example, I started a project like this years ago. I had the fabric that was Halloween but made with Christmas colors of red and green? If you've seen my book (Shameless plug: Word Play Quilts), then you've seen the quilt. It's Scary Christmas and I'm too lazy/enfeebled to get up and go get the book to tell you the page number.

I can't find the house blocks I made, but here's a tree to show you how dismal it all was:

If you have a digital camera, you have a way to check out contrast. Look at your fabrics in black and white. ugh.

I am so glad I abandoned this project early on, because it would have turned out dreadful (in a bad way, not a fun Halloweeny way).
End of teaching. Please, anyone want to play with me?


Jenny said...

Oh my word! This is the most brilliant idea ever for a house quilt. I'm in!

Just crazy enough to make me giggle just at the thought of it. I'm in! I'm in! I'm in! Might make a few to pool and a couple for myself to keep just in case I don't win. Any rough size we're trying to hit?

Amanda said...

This sounds like good fun. I'm about lettered out for the moment, so houses and trees sound great. So count me in please.

Judy in Michigan said...

I'm in. Will you have any letters? Maybe we could send you a letter or two plus our house/tree/whatever? What are the size limitations?? Fun!

Jennifer D said...

I am so IN!

I can't wait to start. Like Jenny, I was wondering about size, how big do you want them?

deborah said...

Please let us know about size! This does sound like fun.
My bah! humbug came out way too big, so I'll just keep it and make it into a seasonal banner:)

Katie said...


Kristin Shields said...

Sounds like fun! I like the lotto idea too. How about Day of the Dead fabrics? Seems to me like they'd be perfect. I just saw a great one at a quilt shop that's too far away to get back to soon, but it would've been great.

Diane said...

Do I want to play? Heck, yes!

Just one more crazy idea to think about in my idle moments!

Amy said...

OMG do I ever want to play!! I love Halloween,, and gingerbread houses..now my head is swimming with ideas! but first I have to get my HumBug letters in the mail. geesh I am slow as heck.SOWWWY

PurplePickle said...

I am in. I love Christmas and Halloween. I am calling this "All Hallows Christmas Eve" ( working title). I have great fabrics in my Holiday box. I love UnRruly houses and trees and kitties and owls and pumpkins and snowflakes and gingerbread and so on....
Mary C.

Kim said...

Mwa ho ho ho?
Okay this sounds too fun.....yes to lotto
Yes to high contrast....and give some size ideas please.
Houses , Halloween/Christmas......
You are a little twisted Huh?

Happy Sewing :0)

Anonymous said...

This sounds like soooo much fun. Count (dracula) me in. Roseann (noblog - Seattle)

PurplePickle said...
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PurplePickle said...

Hi Ton and friends,
I have been collecting ideas for these quilt blocks. I looked at some of your older tutorials. I love "Happy Howloween"(2001)....great stuff...skeletons, Frankenstein,mummies, witches...Woweeeee!....I hope u will put them in a book someday ..

Clare said...

Hi Ton,

Way behind on blog reading. Are we making quilts or blocks?

If blocks then count me in for a house.

Carol E. said...

I'll play!