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Friday, March 1, 2013

An Unruly Challenge

Gee, am I ever thankful for Tonya's influence!  A year ago our local art quilt group began a 2-gallon-bag challenge.  I got the most awful assortment of fabric and trims!  BUT .... I gave myself a big slap in the face and said "that's what challenges are all about"!

The largest single piece of fabric in the bag was a pre-printed Jo-Ann's skirt panel with a tie-dyed color scheme.  Being a quilt shop owner and used to handling VERY NICE fabrics, I hated that panel.  There were also assorted scraps, trims, a needle felted flower (that didn't make it into the final project) and some sewn and stuffed shapes.  I felt like I was recycling, so that is the direction I took.
The quilts will be given to the person who originally supplied the bag.  A provision of the challenge was that we could also make a quilt for ourselves to keep from the same fabrics.  Here is my little piece (thank you, Jan Mullen).
Recycle Quilt:  30" x 22"
Bird Quilt:  11" x 14" 

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Nifty Quilts said...

Both are very fun!

Tonya Ricucci said...

you did great. the recycle quilt is adorable and doesn't look at all like it was made with less than stellar ingredients. yay!

Beth said...

They both turned out really fun. Very creative!

Sharon said...

I think you did a great job! Love the Recycle quilt - very fun. And the bird is cute!

Carol E. said...

I love them both! Congrats on making a difficult job turn into something beautiful!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Very clever! So, did you recycle the felted flower by passing it on to someone else ;)

Cher said...

terrific quilts! thanks for sharing

Lori R said...

Michele - in the end, the felt flower just went back into the bag to return to the owner.

Karin said...

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